14 December 2014

"World Sketches" at Watershed gallery

Please see this show of 70 sketchbook pages by artists who have traveled to Italy and beyond over these past 10 years. The Watershed gallery is at 321 Mill St. in Eugene. Exhibit is up until January 17, 2015. Most people used the special process of giclee´(pronounced "jhee-clay") archival printing of sketches on artist paper rather than remove pages from the sketchbook. These pigment based inks will not fade for 80-100 years. They may last longer than the original sketch. This way you can do a short print run on quality paper so others can enjoy your work from the sketchbook.

29 September 2014

What is a trip to Italy without a sketch of biscotti? This cookie was from a bakery in the hill town of Bevagna.
I'll be at Tools of the Trade Show in Eugene at UO Duck Store November 12,13, 2014.
Sketchbook workshop on November 15, The Art Department store, Salem, Oregon.
Sketchbook workshops in 2015 at Sitka Center (TBA), LaRomita, Italy September 3-17, 2015 Emerald Art Center in Springfield, Oregon June 1,2,3, 2015.

19 September 2014

This watercolor sketch of a garlic and onion mini truck was made in Orvieto, Italy at my workshop. It captures a bit of old Italy and the street vendors.

22 June 2014

This is near the beginning of the old Tokaido Road between Kyoto 
and Tokyo. Shinagawa was the first of 53 stations on the journey. 
When the new bullet train was first run in the 1960s it was along this 
route and called the New Tokaido.

13 April 2014

Japan Sketchbook

More sketches from Deer Park in Nara and Ueno Park in Tokyo, Japan

31 March 2014

Japan sketchbook 2014

This ink brush sketch was done in Ueno Park in Tokyo.
This link shows several sketches by Jay Lindsay and myself from our recent trip to Japan. Jay, an old friend of 52 years and a potter from New York, joined me for travel to pottery towns and museums in central Japan. In the link the colored pagoda sketches are Jay's, the rest are mine.

03 March 2014

6 twigs on two pages

This now has text for texture on left side and vines for borders on right page. I'm off to Japan to visit pottery towns and museums.

27 February 2014

A two page layout in process

I'll be finishing this two page layout at the UO Bookstore or Duck Shop in Eugene on February 27 from 10-5pm. They are showcasing art materials and art made in Oregon.Come and join us. This post is of the process of taking a simple set of twigs in six frames and developing a page structure with image and text. The next blog this weekend will show the finished pages.

25 January 2014

Oregon Coast brush ink sketch, Workshop list

Workshops planned for 2014: Sitka Center, May 24,25; Sitka Center, July 9,10; Sun Valley, July 22,23,24; Italy-Sept. 5-19; Emerald Art Center, October 21,22,23;