22 December 2011

Sketching the New Year

Season's Greetings and a Happy New Year
I wish all of you good health and please continue to work in your sketchbook as part of your good health program in 2012.

27 November 2011

Workshops in 2012

Planned workshops:
Feb 11 in Salem at "The Art Department" store (one day). http://artdepartmentsupply.com/
March 17 a "Drop in Studio" at the UO Duck shop (two hours). http://myduckstore.com/creativeduck/index.cfm
July 7 and 8th Sitka Center for Art and Technology on the Oregon Coast (two days). http://www.sitkacenter.org
September 2-16 "Sketchbooks in Italy" (14 days) (For more information contact me at ken@copicmarker.com)

11 October 2011

Inside the churches of Umbria

This quick sketch on the left was made in the Church of San Francisco in the small hill town of Narni, Italy. The sketch on the right was made in the Duomo in Orvieto.

29 September 2011

group photo 2010 LaRomita

We always have a wonderful time in Italy.
This group photo was taken in the courtyard at LaRomita, 2 hours north of Rome.
People were from Arizona, California, Texas, Chicago, Virginia, Oregon and Washington.

25 August 2011

Room at La Romita, Italy

The walls are actually white, but as the setting sun shines into this bedroom at La Romita the color is a warm yellow.

15 August 2011

Sketchbooks in Italy 2012- I now have the first mailing of information about my 14 day workshop in Italy September 2 -16, 2012. Please send me a mailing address if you want the information, a FAQ sheet, and registration form.
New workshop on travel sketching at Oasis in Macy's at Valley River Center, Eugene.
Sept 30, Oct. 7, 14, 21, 2011.

29 July 2011

Workshop on Travel Sketching at DIVA in Eugene, Oregon.
August 6, 2011 10am-430pm
August 7, 2011 1pm-430pm
The focus is on ways to use your sketchbook to further enjoy and intensify your experiences. Bring simple tools and a sketchbook.
UO Baker Downtown Center
975 High St.
tel. 541.344.3482

15 July 2011

Sketching in Italy using watercolor, Copic Markers, and/or colored pencils is the way I like to work. I also teach the use of brown ink or Sepia ink because the warm line fits very well with the tile roof tops, brick buildings and stone walkways of Italy.
We'll eat Italian food by our local cooks and learn through sketching how to see and understand this remarkable place.
To learn more about La Romita School of Art go to www.laromita.org
My email is ken@copicmarker.com

06 July 2011

Italy sketch workshop

I'm now sending out registration forms for my September 2-16, 2012
workshop. Send me an email for the form. More to follow.

01 June 2011

Windows in Rome, Italy.
I will be teaching in Italy at the LaRomita School of Art next year September 2 -16, 2012. More details soon.
I'm teaching on the Oregon Coast this week at the Sitka Center for Art and Ecology.
If you want to take classes this summer go to www.laromita.org

Laurie Doctor, who taught with me last summer, is offering her own workshop this summer.
Check it out at

11 May 2011

This sketch was done in Germany last winter. My friends just emailed me and said that it is in full bloom now.
My next workshop is at the Sitka Center on the Oregon Coast. Contact them at http://www.sitkacenter.org/
My workshop is full but they offer many wonderful classes throughout the summer. Ask for their list of classes to be sent to you.

03 April 2011

April Workshops

April workshops- I'm doing a brief demo at the UO Duck Store April 9th, 2-4pm, about using the Copic Air Brush System. I'll show ways that I use it in the sketchbook.
April 12 I'm talking about sketchbooks in Phoenix, Arizona. In May I'll do a workshop in Eugene but dates and location are not set. More information to soon follow.

21 March 2011

The sketchbook exhibit at the DIVA in Eugene continues through April 29, 2011.

April 9th, Saturday from 2-4pm I'll do a demo of the Copic Air Brush System (ABS) at the Duck Store by UO campus. This system uses the Copic markers as the ink or dye and can provide a number of effects when developing your images in or out of the sketchbook.

If the Sitka workshop fills and you want to hear about other workshops, please write me via email and ask to be on my personal mailing list.

Erik Johnson, a friend and artist, has just published a series of small works called WINTER DRAWINGS. Look at this site to preview the whole book. http://www.blurb.com/bookstore/detail/2031109

28 February 2011

Exhibit continues

Join us from 5:30 and 8:30PM on March 4th (First Friday Art Walk) for the opening of a new exhibit at DIVA's "Outpost Gallery" 280 W. Broadway. DIVA will continue the show of Italian Landscapes: Sketchbook Drawings by Kenneth O'Connell and Pen and Marker Drawings by Marianne Walker. The show will go through April. The books "The Spirit of the Rough Sketch" and "Sketching With Copic" will be available for purchase at the gallery. Both publications include many of his sketchbook images. "Sketching With Copic" also includes the artwork of 10 other artists using Copic markers and pens. Marianne Walker has her latest book, "Shadows and Shading - a guide to working with the effects of lighting and shading in artwork" also on sale.

13 February 2011

This was done with Copic Sketch markers and black Multiliner pen at Depot Bay on the Central Oregon Coast. Speaking of the Oregon Coast I'll teach a two day workshop on "Spirit of the Rough Sketch" June 27, 28, 2011 at Sitka Center for Art and Ecology near Lincoln City, Oregon. http://www.sitkacenter.org

26 January 2011

Draw with Sepia ink for a change. This was drawn with the Copic Mutiliner Sepia ink pen in Venice, Italy.
I'll teach Sketchbooks in Italy Sept. 2-16, 2012.
I like the warm quality of this line for sketching.

This is the cover for the book Sketching With Copic® available through Blurb.com at